Allergen Planning Chart & Log

An example of the usage of the Dish Safety & Allergen Planning chart.

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Allergens are becoming more of an issue than ever before. Because of a seeming increase in allergens and sensitivities to foods and various ingredients, countless restaurants, caterers, health care dieticians, and even food trucks are having to contend with presenting more informtion and changing labeling to ensure diners with allergies and sensitivities arent affected. In fact, the EU has begun requiring the listing of fourteen allergen icons on all restaurant menus, including online and food truck menus.

To this end we’ve developed these charts, which extend similar charts developed by Erudus in the UK to follow the new labeling regulations there.

First is a planning chart for use in developing both menus and allergen info pages. In the first menu item in the above example, the checkmarks illustrate that the Sizzling Fajitas are served on a plate that’s very hot, in this case a cast iron platter with a metal insert. The dish also includes meat so those with the alpha-gal allergy probably shouldn’t order it, as well as milk, and mold in the form of aged cheeses. The dish may also include corn if a corn tortilla option is requested.

In the case of the Grilled Salmon there may still be pin bones in the fillet, and there are eggs in the Hollandaise sauce. Of course, the dish includes fish.

Download: Dish Safety & Allergen Content planning chart

An example of the usage of the Allergen Log.

The second chart is for use by anyone involved in ordering or serving meals, as well as cooks, expiditors and runners. This Allergen Log identifies the needs of specific diners in the preparation of dishes for them. For longterm use this could be organized by unit, floor, event, or other methods.

Download: Allergen Log for reservation, FOH, and other personnel